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Feb 7, 2022Liked by Clay Horning

To expound on Mr. Hornings column, let’s do a little Red Clay Deep Dive. There are 358 schools that play Division I basketball. Memorize it. You’ll need it for “perspective.”

OU averages 14.8 turnovers per game.

OU has a turnover pct. of 19.74 (341st out of 358 schools)

OU averages 69.5 possessions per game (261 out of 358)

OU ranks 347th in points per possession…yep! out of 358

What’s it all mean? Well, when you play a slow, deliberate pace like Porter Moser coached teams traditionally play, with less possessions per game, limiting turnovers (always critical) becomes paramount for success. Subtracting OU’s avg. turnovers from avg. possessions, leaves the Sooners approx. 55 possessions to score. Combine that with the .088 pts/possession (Good teams avg 1pt/possession) and inability to get to the free throw line (261 out of 358), the prospects leading to wins becomes daunting.

This teams inability to limit it’s Achilles Heel, will ultimately result in a promising beginning to Moser’s 1st season at OU looking more like, “We hired this guy why?” The issues with turnovers becomes even more unfortunate when one learns that the Sooners are ranked 39th in defensive efficiency, and when they can get into their offensive sets, shoot the ball well (Effective FG% 55.5- 28th/358).

Usually a team addresses or covers up a obvious issue, and I’m sure the coaching staff has, but the problem persists…season long…no improvement, hence pessimism towards a 2nd act.

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