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I’ve been waiting to receive your email with your column. I apologize I’m not commenting on your story of the women’s softball team.

I went to play football at OU. I did not know of Barry Switzer‘s plans. I was an offensive player the car passes both at wide receiver and tight-end.

Coach Switzer told me on his team that I was a defensive end. I did not know anything about Keith Jackson who was going to join the University of Oklahoma and be one of the best Titans to ever play the game.

I transferred to the University at that time called Central State University a.k.a. University of Central Oklahoma known as today. They had a quarterback who was the Jim Thorpe trophy winner in Randy page yet he was left-handed. The second string quarterback was out of the Dallas Texas area and his name was Dwayne Banks. He was also left-handed. The only time I ever caught a person who threw the ball left-handed was my younger brother. The ball spins differently coming out of a left-handed quarterback than it does from a right handed quarterback. For all of you who have played the game and caught passes when you get to college those footballs are flying towards you harder and faster than anything else you have caught in your life even baseballs.

I think this would be a good story for you to research with the University of Oklahoma having their starting quarterback being a left-handed quarterback throwing rockets at receivers who are not yet used to catching left-handed passes. Maybe I’m the only receiver who ever had any problem with that but I doubt it very strongly.

Thanks John Holmes

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