Thank you for your reporting. I hadn't seen Mrs. Smith-Gordon's open letter to her former boss. While I agree Walters negligence and incompetence warrant his removal, I'm in part grateful that cruel unhinged Christian nationalists like him aren't more capable or they might realize more of their hateful agenda.

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Grammerly...it’s called grammerly, it’s for the grammatically impaired 😁...keep up the good work Clay

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Dear Clay,

Since becoming a paying subscriber a year ago I’ve been regularly entertained. I have touted your columns to my sports-minded and liberal friends. Sadly, it is becoming harder to recommend you.

Misspellings and syntax errors have become commonplace in your writing. Here are examples from your most recent article:

“Gentner Drummond does it at the time…”

I assume you meant "all the time."

“with the possible exception lunatic fringers”

"of" is needed before lunatic fringers. Better yet, use "of the lunatic fringe."

“They do their job.”

While “their” may have become acceptable as a replacement for ‘his’ or ‘her,’ your usage clearly needs the plural "jobs" for person-number agreement.

I would gladly offer you free proofreading, Clay. If you’d be willing to email me your columns before publication I would promise to emend them as needed and send the edited versions back to you ASAP.

Perhaps deadlines are the cause of your sloppiness, in which case you likely couldn’t spare more time, but if there’s no time constraint, please consider my offer, or take more time to clean up your generally excellent articles before publishing them.

Keep left,

Phil Graham, Tulsa philtul46@gmail.com

p.s. Please provide your private email if you’d like samples of my writing.

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Walters is a first-class jerk, a racist, a homophobe, and ABSOLUTELY unqualified to be anywhere near a leadership position. Period

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