It's his first year in the best conference in the country. He created this team from scratch during a pandemic. Let's give the man some breathing room. I love his attitude and fantastic work ethic.

Boomer Sooner!!

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Jan 25, 2022Liked by Clay Horning

Clay: I salute you regarding your opinions concerning OU men's basketball. I've never been optimistic about this year's team, so their recent backslide comes as no surprise. The lack of star power has been an OU weakness for a few years, and Tanner Groves just isn't a guy to fill that bill. Really, we have a mid-level squad led by a coach who is just thrilled to be at a big-name school...any big-name school. After reading his continued cheer-leading in the midst of the current losing streak, I'm worn out with his shtick. So stay on Moser to fix the things that can be fixed. Anything beyond that is a gift.

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