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You're correct: Mo Gibson was on fire once he got started last night. Several of his three-pointers were so thoroughly contested that it seemed miraculous he even got them off. But he did, and it proved to be the motivation necessary to carry the Sooners over the number nine team in the country, although Tech certainly didn't look like a Top Ten squad on the night. Subtract Gibson's career game and you'd have next to nothing as the much-needed Tyler Groves pulled another evening of the type which has become far too regular lately: a two-point disappearing act that had me wondering when he even got those two. I wasn't even sure that he got off a shot the entire game! Other than his chaotic energy whether on the floor or the bench, Tyler just can't be counted on to show up when the game starts. And while on the subject of chaotic energy, Porter Moser has gone from beginning the season as a somewhat energetic presence on the bench to becoming a full-on, raving madman stalking the refs up and down and out onto the playing floor. To say he looks like a man possessed is—to put it mildly—like calling the Eiffel Tower a tall monument. His eyes aglow and his face contorted with manic energy, combined with his constant pacing, must seem to outsiders to be, at the very least, a distraction for his team. Last night he had many of us worried about the perceived possibility of him blowing a gasket and not making it through the remainder of the season! So keep feeling it Umoja. Continue to fill the air with those smooth threes while using your speed and slashing drives to carry the Sooner's on your shoulders. I'm certainly not ready to predict any post-season for this year's Oklahoma squad other than the NIT, but here's hoping that more improved play—from everyone on the roster, especially Harkless and Tyler Groves—will help Coach Moser cross that finish line marking the end of the 2021-22 season...health intact!

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