OU went from having the best offense players around the United States desiring to come play for them.

With Brent Venables he will be the best head coach maybe of all time at OU.

I definitely was born too early for the talent that I had at one time and I would’ve loved to play for any of these coaches at the University of Oklahoma there is nothing but a bright future for the University of Oklahoma for many years to come.

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I can see why you make a lot of your points.

By having a number one receiver and by having a tight end that puts the worst defense of player covering a freshman and lamb was no true freshman he played ball like he was a junior so that’s why the numbers look like they did.

That’s just one of the things that I saw you write about.

This past season had nothing to do with Lincoln Riley the University of Oklahoma has one of the best athletic directors in the country and he is able to see what’s taking place and his circle of friends that he communicates with around the country lead him to change from the big 12 to the SEC and he announced that at the beginning of the season Lincoln Riley hands were tied he had to go through the system this year knowing but he wouldn’t be here and they ask him where would you like to coach just like Troy Aikman was ask where would you like to be a quarterback at.

If you will remember before he ever finish the season he was recruiting in Southern California and the University of Oklahoma was paying the bill for him to fly out there now I have to go off of reports that other people have said about the program I’ve been dealing with health issues. My family is not new nor have we ever been only a fan to Oklahoma football back in the 70s and 80s Switzer had issues to deal with our family but that’s not today’s topic.

Lincoln Riley is one of the best play collars I have ever seen in the game I’ve been involved in this game for 50 years.

He was developing into a fantastic head coach that Lincoln Riley is one of the best play callers.

It wasn’t like OU wanted to go out and run the score up on you because they could’ve they were happy enough just to beat you soundly but not embarrass you and that is exactly what OU has done for several years now. They beat you with class they don’t destroy your team and the young men play against you.

John Holmes

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