I don’t know where you said it but inferring that Bill Self is the mystery subject of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” is an all-time great take. I woke up this morning still chuckling.

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Thank you for your story I was looking forward to what you had to say today.

I know the University of Oklahoma is headed towards the SEC in a few years but that really seems to be a football move maybe a woman’s softball move.

I’ve never followed a season of women’s sports I enjoy watching in person women’s sports.

My take away is that the big 12 has one the national championship the past two years and if Baylor would’ve been position differently they might’ve been in the final four.

I am so glad to be able to watch sports and not have social media influence what I’m watching. Maybe they were there but I was not aware of it so I’m glad I missed any social media that might’ve affected anything with the tournament.

I truly miss athletes getting together and competing over the sport that they chosen because a lot of these athletes can play more than one sport but unfortunately the coaches make you choose one or the other.

Thank you for writing thank you for give me an opportunity to share my opinion, that’s all this is my opinion. I’m not wrong, I’m not right, I’m just happy you’re writing and allowing us to share our thoughts.

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