Mr. Horning. Please watch your language. And Please, please leave Jesus Christ out of your writings as an emphasis. Obviously you don’t have a relationship with him or you would already know better. Perhaps you need an editor. Perhaps your Mother. Or a fill in for her. Whomever. If someone had told Trump to put his phone away as soon as he had been elected, he would be president today. But he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. (Review his vocabulary) perhaps if someone tells you to clean up your language, you will listen. Mr. Carter

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Feb 22, 2023Liked by Clay Horning

The "Glimmer of Hope" I see here is that there *may be* an actual Glimmer of Hope.

Don't know if the microscopic "Sane" wing of the Oklahoma Republican Party can overwhelm the inertia of the "Not Sane" wing of the party.

As always, well-struck, timely, and a Voice Crying in the Wilderness. Keep it up, Clay!

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