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I’m always glad when the overdogs get their comeuppance. Typically featuring players who spend much time variously polishing their oversized NIL belt buckles, even as they are celebrated by their organizations as more special than other team players, by that combined effort the focus of athletic endeavor is diluted and diminished, thereby almost guaranteeing results less than hoped for or possible. Egos don’t win team competitions. Yet, sadly, in today’s culture of win at all/any costs, it’s the egos that get the air and playing time. And that makes us all losers.

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I agree 100%

One time the Oakland Raiders had three Heisman Trophy winners on their team they didn’t win enough to matter.

It takes offense of lineman defense of lineman to do the dirty work so that those superstars are tackled in the back Field. If you’ll notice one of the best teams ever to play basketball in the NBA in my opinion notice I said teams was the bulls it’s because they always had somebody that did nothing but rebound they had a Steve Kerr they did nothing but shoot a three. Lakers had that two at one time with Kurt Rambus.

The Warriors fight the battle the Chiefs are already proven in battle and they sit back and direct it.

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