Ok so let’s play out a situation where the football team from first play to score using the best plays and best players available.

Barry Switzer coached this way. “Let’s hang a half of hundred on them by half time.” He did that all the time!!

His offense compared to the passing game is night and day different.

If I run a pass play as many times as Switzer ran an option play to the left you would never complete that pass very many times she would probably have more interceptions than completions.

A typical offensive play the very first one of the game a lot of coaches like running the ball right up the middle what they’re looking at is the defense that they’re playing how does the different defense players react to the blocking scheme linebackers respond how does the tackles respond, How does the defensive box react or the defensive box playing 10 yards off the ball are they playing 5 yards off the ball what are the defensive backs doing.

There’s no way I can go over every situation I just know that you’ve never been exposed to a college coaches knowledge and how they go about learning and reviewing and scouting the team before they play and put together a game plan you’ve never been exposed to that or you would not be riding what I see you write in your column.

Most people that you write to agree 100% with you because they don’t know either my wife always asked me why is the first play always being ran right up the middle they don’t ever get any yards.

John Holmes

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Not one football coach is gonna tell any reporter the truth of a football team what goes on on that team. Reporters are trying to sell papers almost every football game that I have ever played in in college the newspaper the next day didn’t have a clue what took place on our team and why a reporter is supposed to take notes and write a story what they saw during the game for them to make assumptions about decisions that coaches make during that game is nothing but made up BS.

From a coaches standpoint they are playing poker you never expose yourself until that hand comes close to an end and you call for everybody else to lay their cards down that is how college football and pro football is played.

Unfortunately in pro football the man at the poker table is the owner of the football team if he doesn’t wanna bet and throw down the money that he needs to that team will lose that game that day. Have you ever wondered why LA‘s team got stacked this year with unbelievable talent and now they’re all leaving go look how much in debt they were from building that stadium they needed to win a Super Bowl so they can collect money to pay for that stadium GuessWhat sodas the LV Raiders.

Watch how the Raiders and the chargers are going to continue to get great players on their team so they will have winning seasons unfortunately they are playing against the Chiefs.

If you will go back and research this past season you will see that teams that needed a win in about week 14 or 15 beat teams that they never would’ve normally beat 12 teams who were underdogs and never should’ve won one of those games because their record needed to be better to keep their home fans coming to the game and buying season tickets. The NFL is not gonna leave money on the table.

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Did you play college football?

There is a thing called halftime. College coaches are not stupid.

They’ve played college football and they’ve been coaching football they spend hours upon hours watching game film. They understand the game in a way that most people don’t even have a clue.

No coach worth a damn is going to go out and score points in the first half of a game and show your hand. That coach knows that at halftime your opponent can make adjustments and tell and coach their players what to do to overcome what the other team is doing.

If you know you have an explosive offense, you know 14 points ain’t nothing in a in a game of football where nine seconds you’re running back can be in the end zone.

Lincoln Riley is the reason that game turned out like that baker Mayfield is a wonderful great competitor and a general on the field. And because Lincoln Riley knows White Baker Mayfield can and can’t do Lincoln Riley called the plays to allow his general on the field to be successful.

Do you think they go after the best players they can get so they can call stupid plays until halftime. Football is a chest game not a checkers game. Lincoln Riley by calling the place that he did he set up the defense for the opposing team to think that they are in control and that they know everything about OU sooners. Have you noticed they don’t usually run the same plays every game that every game that they come to they try to show new plays that nobody seen on film and Lincoln Riley is an expert at that that man can design office of plays in clutch situation and that’s exactly what he was doing. I’m sorry that you don’t understand what leaders and what coaches and what unbelievable knowledge they have a game.

Now if you want to talk about Johnny Blake OK you can criticize Johnny Blake all you want he was a defense of tackle.

John Holmes

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Mar 18, 2022·edited Mar 18, 2022

Braylon Edwards 2007. The last Pro Bowl receiver the Cleveland Browns drafted. Landry, Higgins, Beckham and Schwartz…average, below average, has-been and a rookie. Thank you Cleveland for the weapons. Two decent TE’s ( one a former Pro Bowler )and a superior running game, but nothing to stretch the field…The Dawg Pound howls continuously. Well, this years draft has a wealth of WR talent, maybe Baker feeds his Dawgs a playoff return in 2022…more likely, a underfed & under appreciated BIRD.

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