Enjoyed your article about the exclusion of Clemens and Bonds from the HOF selection, but then you followed it up with a poker player analogy. Despite what ESPN and the moneybags want us to believe, poker is NOT a sport! There were plenty of other sports cheating situations you could have chosen to highlight your point about cheating.

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I am a old college athlete I have never taken any drugs to play a game. I know several players That did take steroids.

The steroids allow their bodies to get bigger but they never improved in any of their abilities they were not better athletes they were only stronger and angry. Being stronger doesn’t allow you to hit hey 100 mile an hour fastball.

Or to throw a 100 mile an hour fastball and be able to control it. Tom Brady is 44 years old your arguments continued to say older people can’t perform better than younger people. You talk about a card player so if that card player took steroids would he be a better poker player? It has been my experience to see steroids not help any athlete be a better athlete it made them stronger and larger but it never made them a better athlete either you can hit 100 and mile an hour fastball if that’s the case if you took steroids do you think you can write a better paper? Either you can write or you can’t steroids would not make you better at writing.

You have no idea what type of drugs might’ve been used in 1919 there’s no way of telling. Did shoeless Joe Jackson take four aspirin before he played a game. You don’t have any idea if he took one aspirin. Technology is a huge part of today’s game don’t you think maybe that’s cheating to? You get discount people and see their characteristics before you even step on the field and meet them for the first time. By scouting players knowing that they throw a 100 mile an hour fastball and a curveball it breaks 3 feet using technology that’s not cheating?

How about Pete rose he never took steroids? Or do it or did he you don’t know. He bet on baseball. So did that ruined all his numbers that he did in his career?

Sammy Sosa use the bat that was illegal just like the poker player use cards that were illegal. Those were advantages.

All the athletes that I have seen that used steroids it never made them better athletes they could not run faster they couldn’t throw more strikes they were not better athletes they were just stronger and mad all the time and I am the same age is Roger Clemens.

In football a lot of players have taken drugs to get bigger and stronger and they got to get on the professional field but it did not make them better athletes.

It’ll allow them to take the slot of someone who didn’t take steroids because they were bigger and stronger but that doesn’t mean they could play the game better they were only chosen because of their size and strength and hope that they could play better but they could never played better it doesn’t make you a better athlete either you can play the game or you can’t unfortunately in the game of football there like to choose athletes based on strength and size to get them on a team and keep others off.

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